About Me




My name is Emma!

Professionally, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Substance Abuse Counselor in Northern Virginia. Personally, I am a loving girlfriend, mother to two wonderfully smart and crazy boys, Grey (5)  and Liam (4) and mother figure/friend to three hilarious and active kids, Bubby (10), Giggy (9), and WyWy (7). I’m an open-minded free spirit, quintessentially Sagittarius,  with a love for all things geek and nerd.

I have a deep passion for family, gardening, DIY, food, occasionally exercise, positive discipline, politics, and a ton more. My current life focus is figuring out how in the world to balance an extremely demanding full-time job, building a strong and supportive relationship, co-parenting and balancing the needs of 5 children, and figuring out how in the world to come back financially and become comfortable financially as a large family.

Dirt, Drool, and Pink Carnations is a passion project of mine where I hope to cover the daily struggles of:

  • mental illness,
  • rebuilding your self-image after abuse,
  • building a strong, supportive, and healthy relationship,
  • managing a household of 7 (budget, groceries, schedules)
  • co-parenting and blended family struggles,
  • raising 5 children, ages 10-4
  • desperately trying to feed my love of gardening and DIY
  • and the pursuit of my dream of running a homestead and holistic private practice hybrid.

Hopefully, you enjoy!!! And if not let me know in the comments so that I can continue to improve!


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