Using K-Cups as Fuel for Your Garden

So even though I like being environmentally friendly and holistic I feel into the Keurig trap! To be honest I love my Keurig even though I feel a little guilty about the plastic. I’m hoping to start keeping them and using them as plant starters this winter so the guilt has eased a bit. But I have found a way to reuse the insides, be it coffee grounds or tea leaves.

My husband thankfully knows that I do this (it’d be hard to miss because I have a giant tupperware container on the window sill) so he leaves all of his K-Cups on the counter for me to cut up and use.


So step by step here’s how I do it.

  1. I cut the aluminum or whatever material it is off the top of the K-Cups whether its my tea or coffee (and believe me I drink A LOT of coffee so I get A LOT of grounds).
  2. I get every bit of coffee grounds, tea leaves and egg shells I come across and put it in a large tupperware container until it is full.
  3. When it is full, I put it in a my Ninja blender and blend until everything is broken up into a fine blend powder type consistency.
  4. Then I go out to my garden and depending on the type of plan I will either use my fingers to dig a shallow trench around the plant and put a generous amount of the mixture in there.
    • You want to make sure that you are not destabilizing the structure of the plant by digging too close to the root system or too deeply.
    • Some plants you cannot really dig around them so I just put it on top.
    • I always water the plants AFTER adding the mixture that way the ingredients can start to break down and saturate into the soil.

Adding these ingredients allows you to make sure that your plants have enough nitrogen and calcium in their soil while will help them grow full and green. Also be sure to clean out your plastic K-Cups and save them to be used for new seedlings during the winter months.

Perfect 3 Tiered Raised Garden to Get Any Beginner Started Even In Small Spaces

If you have any questions about this process or want to add your own ideas, feel free to leave a comment or message me on the blog’s Facebook page.


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